Ari Aula Arikae

Omgosh I think I’m a horrible person for laughing at this but this totally made my day! 

"Your touch bothered Me"

"Witches, what you do to him?"

"What you doodling?"

And the moaning OMGOSH!!! :orangu: :gloria:

Anywho… the fact that she’s a Britney fan makes her flawless~  :bj:

Slay a bit you funny girl you!  :thumbsup:

I always avoid seeing myself in a reflection especially with my glasses on; I just hate to see my imperfections so clearly…

Me stealing your men…

Eid Mubarak! *Twerks to his all-time favorite Hari Raya song but fails miserably `cause he has a flat butt*

So having to interact with a lot people on a regular basis for the past few months, has reaffirmed my awkwardness and dislike for people. I just don’t belong anywhere! You can’t be a media student and being socially awkward… can you?

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 sneak peek

It’s so hot and humid in Singapore right now that I literally have to fan my crotch… lol 

So I bought 3 bags of cheetos! Gonna eat like the Queen tonight!

So I just found out that there’s this fetish called Feederism - seeing people eat and gain weight. Omgosh where do I find such people with such a fetish?! Cause I’m sooo skinny and so in need to gain weight! And I need someone to sponsor me good foods so that I could gain weight fast but in a healthy way! lol Any takers? LOL

Omgosh can the media stop it with the Britney autotune drama?! They should stop and listen to the Break The Ice studio recording!


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