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Did a radio show today at school. Played #britneyspears songs. #britneyarmy #Alien #notalone

I Just Wanna Touch H̶o̶t̶ ̶G̶u̶y̶s̶ Lives!

Last evening I went for the volunteer orientation organized by SG Cares (the volunteer organisation I signed up for).

To be honest, I was contemplating the whole day whether or not I should attend it. I even made a list of excuses why I shouldn’t go like: 

  • The place is really far
  • I don’t have anyone to go there with :(
  • My awkward and ugly presence could cause havoc to the people around me (yeah I’m being dramatic but seriously though, I’m an eyesore…! *Sigh*)

But I also thought of the reasons why I should go like:

  • The volunteer opportunities
  • I could fill the empty void of my sad and boring life (yes - being dramatic again)
  • Meeting new people and making new friends…

Despite the reasons not to go there were more convincing, I still went for the orientation because I already signed up for it. Plus, it wouldn’t look good if I didn’t show up since they already had my name recorded and stuff… Who knows, they could have me blacklisted or something… @.@ 

Obviously, I got lost finding where the venue was. But luckily I wasn’t the only who was scratching his head looking at the Mall directory (the volunteer center is located in Clarke Quay mall). There was a man (kinda cute actually) and a girl (pretty but obviously my attention was more on the guy haha, don’t judge me!) - both of them dressed in casual smart -also trying to find where the place was. I approached them and suggested that we should ask for help. We did and felt like total idiots because the center was so nearby!

Fortunately we didn’t miss much when we finally got there. An hour later the speakers ended their presentation and the cute man ( he sat beside me!!! HEEE!) told me he’s leaving and said ‘bye’. Sobs. We didn’t talk much. Wish we had though…Oh well..  maybe he already has a girlfriend or married or something. But I’d love us to be friends… I mean, he seemed nice… Why cute guys always do this to me… haha @.@ Right. I forgot. I’m an eyesore that’s why!

SO ANYWHO… After all that. I went home. And it was the most miserable trip home because I felt so unfulfilled and just felt like a total loser. I don’t know why.. (I always feel this way though haha. @.@). I think it’s because my evening felt so… uneventful. Oh well. Not sure when I’ll start doing some volunteering but I’ll definitely look out for some opportunities they post on their site that I can do. So.. Yay me! (in advance).  

So that was my boring-almost-had-a-bf-just-kidding thursday evening. LOL Sorry. I’m pathetic~

~ Ari

This is me when I get my ears cleaned. Orgasmic. :x 

Done With School… For now.

I’m on a long school break and have been really trying to keep myself occupied with things to do… 

  • Joined school’s Media Club in July - Where I’ve been learning about the radio, filming and video editing

  • I just signed up to be a volunteer at SGcares (will talk more in the next post)

  • Binge-watching a lot of shows. I’ve been watching a lot of old sitcoms (Friends and The Nanny - my two favorites) and just catching up with my current favorite shows like Pretty Little Liars, Devious Maids etc

  • Gonna start reading more novels this break! ( So far read 4 books this year. My aim is to read 7 books, part of my 2014 resolutions!)

  • And I’m thinking of getting simple part-time jobs. Nah who would hire me…?@.@

Omgosh I think I’m a horrible person for laughing at this but this totally made my day! 

"Your touch bothered Me"

"Witches, what you do to him?"

"What you doodling?"

And the moaning OMGOSH!!! :orangu: :gloria:

Anywho… the fact that she’s a Britney fan makes her flawless~  :bj:

Slay a bit you funny girl you!  :thumbsup:

I always avoid seeing myself in a reflection especially with my glasses on; I just hate to see my imperfections so clearly…

Me stealing your men…

Eid Mubarak! *Twerks to his all-time favorite Hari Raya song but fails miserably `cause he has a flat butt*

So having to interact with a lot people on a regular basis for the past few months, has reaffirmed my awkwardness and dislike for people. I just don’t belong anywhere! You can’t be a media student and being socially awkward… can you?

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 sneak peek

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